Renegade Gum & Tar Remover

Renegade Gum & Tar Remover

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Renegade Gum and Tar Remover, a powerful and fast-acting solution designed to effectively remove gum, tar, and similar substances from your vehicle's surface without causing any damage to the paint. This concentrated formula delivers remarkable results, breaking down even the toughest sticky residues with minimal scrubbing required.

Renegade Gum and Tar Remover's potent formulation ensures that it tackles stubborn residues effectively, reducing the risk of smears, swirl marks, and scratches during the wash process. By utilizing this product, you can confidently eliminate gum and tar without compromising the integrity of your vehicle's paintwork.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Renegade Gum and Tar Remover as it effortlessly dissolves and removes these challenging substances. Enjoy a smoother and more efficient cleaning process, knowing that your vehicle's paint is safe from harm.


How to use Renegade Gum and Tar Remover:

  1. Shake well. Apply the product in a shaded area on a surface that is cool to the touch, about 6-7 inches away from the surface.
  2. Allow the product to sit and work for 1 minute, but do not let the product dry on the surface.
  3. Agitate the working surface with a clean microfiber towel before rinsing. Tougher jobs may require additional applications.
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