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3D Bead It Up

3D Bead It Up

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3D Bead It Up, the ultimate hydrophobic polymer bead maker that will revolutionize the way you protect and maintain your vehicle's paintwork. This innovative product is designed with advanced ceramic coating booster properties to extend the life of your ceramic protection and provide unmatched hydrophobicity.

The 3D Bead It Up spray features Sio2 (silicon dioxide) properties that create a powerful shield on your vehicle's paint. This hydrophobic barrier not only repels water but also prevents dirt, road film, and other contaminants from adhering to the surface. By effectively resisting these elements, your car maintains a cleaner and fresher appearance for longer periods.

A standout feature of 3D Bead It Up is its ability to enhance and prolong the life of your ceramic coating. This booster spray rejuvenates and fortifies the existing ceramic protection on your vehicle. By replenishing the coating's properties, it ensures that your paint remains shielded from environmental factors such as UV rays, oxidation, and chemical exposure. With regular application, your ceramic coating can maintain its effectiveness and keep your car looking its best for an extended period.

Whether you've just completed a thorough car wash or a detailed maintenance session, 3D Bead It Up is the perfect finishing touch for ceramic coated cars. This spray is specifically formulated to be used as a post-wash or maintenance spray. Simply apply it to the surface of your vehicle and watch as it instantly enhances the hydrophobicity and shine of your ceramic coating. It adds a brilliant gloss to your paint, making it appear as if your car was just professionally detailed.

In addition to its protective qualities, 3D Bead It Up is incredibly easy to use. The spray bottle allows for precise and controlled application, ensuring that you can effortlessly cover the desired areas. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a professional detailer, this product is a must-have in your arsenal for maintaining the pristine appearance of ceramic coated cars.

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