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Chameleon Blue to Purple

Chameleon Blue to Purple

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Perfect for artists at the intermediate to advanced level, our Chameleon Paint offers a moderate level of complexity, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results. To make the most of this exceptional product, we recommend a 1:1 mixture with one of our premium reducers, tailored to your local temperature conditions. For the ultimate outcome, starting with a black ground coat, such as a primer or basecoat, is highly recommended.

Crafted with precision, these paints are designed to be applied exclusively over black or extremely dark color bases, creating an extraordinary canvas for your artistic vision. The Blue to Purple Chameleon shade is a testament to its incredible color-shifting properties, transforming harmoniously as viewing angles change and following the contours of your masterpiece.

Please be aware that our Chameleon Paint is currently available for shipping within the USA only. Furthermore, keep in mind that the actual colors may slightly vary based on the settings of individual computer and mobile screens.

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