Renegade Graphene + Ceramic Wax

Renegade Graphene + Ceramic Wax

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Introducing Renegade's revolutionary Graphene + Ceramic wax, combining the best of both worlds—traditional hand or machine application methods with cutting-edge technology. Our team has ingeniously crafted a ceramic liquid wax infused with graphene dispersion, delivering an ultra-smooth and protected surface for your vehicle's paintwork.

Experience a new level of car care with this remarkable wax, as it seals and safeguards your paint with enhanced contact angle beading, unprecedented gloss, superior scratch and UV resistance, and a remarkable reduction in water spotting.

Using the wax is a breeze. Simply apply a few pea-sized drops onto a microfiber applicator, then glide it over your vehicle's surface using a crosshatch motion. Finally, effortlessly buff off the wax with a clean microfiber towel.

Prepare to witness extraordinary results! With our Graphene + Ceramic wax, you'll achieve double the water beading compared to traditional ceramic waxes and four times the beading compared to regular waxes. Enjoy an amplified gloss and depth of paint, creating a stunningly wet look that's sure to impress. Additionally, revel in the added benefits of increased scratch resistance, heightened UV protection, and reduced water spotting.

With a single application, you can relish in the confidence of one year of long-lasting protection for your vehicle. Choose our Graphene + Ceramic wax and elevate your car care routine to new heights.

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