Renegade Graphene Spray Coating + Ceramic 16 Oz

Renegade Graphene Spray Coating + Ceramic 16 Oz

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Renegade Products Graphene + Ceramic Spray Coating, a revolutionary sprayable coating designed to provide a full year of unparalleled protection. Our innovative formula combines Sio2, carnauba, and a dispersion of graphene to deliver exceptional performance for both professional detailers and car enthusiasts.

Experience the ultimate in hydrophobic properties with our graphene spray, boasting extraordinary water repellency. Not only does it create a stunning gloss and depth on your paintwork, but it also offers enhanced UV and water spot protection, along with a remarkable resistance to minor scratches.

Applying the Graphene + Ceramic Spray is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly formula. Whether you prefer working in the shade or under the sun, this versatile coating can be easily applied and removed. Say goodbye to tedious maintenance washes—simply rinse your vehicle and witness the effortless cleaning made possible by this exceptional coating.

But that's not all! Graphene + Ceramic Spray provides three times the water beading compared to regular spray coatings, ensuring your vehicle stays protected and looking its best. With the added benefits of graphene, such as increased scratch resistance, UV protection, and resistance against water spotting, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your car's finish is safeguarded.

Discover the difference Renegade Products Graphene + Ceramic Spray Coating can make for your vehicle. With up to one year of long-lasting protection and its remarkable performance, it's time to elevate your car care routine to a whole new level.


What's in graphene spray coatings? 

Graphene spray coatings are a blend of ceramic emulsions, surfactants and polymers as well as a graphene dispersion. A graphene dispersion is an exfoliated graphene oxide particle that is spun in a centrifuge for at least 2 hours with water or alcohol variants to fully immerse the graphene into a liquid solution. This liquified solution is what allows the graphene to be a functionalized chemical that adds additional hydrophobic and resistant properties to the vehicles paint and clearcoat. This is truly a revolutionary product that builds upon the ceramic coatings popularized over the past 5 years. 

What does graphene do in detailing products? 

Graphene is a game-changing, carbon-based molecule that can effectively bind to and fortify surfaces when functionalized through a graphene dispersion. Due to its molecular structure, it will demonstrate an improved contact angle, gloss, scratch resistance, UV resistance and a reduction in water spotting.  

Is this graphene spray coating a solvent based or water based formula? 

Our formula of the Graphene Spray Coating is mostly a water based formula although there are minor solvents that are used as in any ceramic formula to help quickly dry the product on the vehicles surface. This is a large reason why this graphene spray coating has a fantastic smell and is very user friendly. Many other graphene detailing chemicals out there are comprised mostly of solvents which are more dangerous, hard on the nose and harder to work with. 

What is the BEST graphene spray coating? 

The best graphene spray coating is the product that is able to last and provide protection on your vehicles paint across multiple dimensions. Those dimensions are, longevity, protectability and ease of use when cleaning your vehicle. The purpose of graphene spray coatings is to provide protection, shine and make cleaning your vehicle EASY in between washes without having your spray coating be destroyed by normal elements. Our graphene spray coatings last up to 1 year and provide the best protection of ANY PRODUCT IN ITS CLASS. We put this product though torture tests through acid, degreasers, APC's etc. This product was not built for hype, it was built for performance. 

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