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Renegade Mag N' Wire

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Renegade Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener

What is Wheel & Aluminum Brightener/Cleaner? In the realm of automotive care, wheel and aluminum brightener and cleaner are specialized products designed to eliminate dirt, grime, brake dust, and various contaminants from both wheels and aluminum surfaces. This versatile solution can be applied to aluminum panels, tanks, wheels, spokes, hub caps, and wheel covers. Beyond its cleaning prowess, this wheel and aluminum brightener also imparts a lustrous gleam, revitalizing lackluster vehicles. The use of a wheel brightener streamlines the detailing process, potentially reducing the need for extensive polishing and sanding, thereby simplifying your automotive care routine!

How to Effectively to use the Wheel & Aluminum Brightener/Cleaner?

Wheel and aluminum brightener/cleaner is available in ready-to-use formulations or more concentrated options that require dilution. Proper usage is crucial, so follow the instructions provided on the product label. Here's a general guideline for utilizing a wheel cleaner:

  1. Begin by donning protective eyewear and gloves when handling these products.

  2. If using a concentrated product, dilute it to the recommended ratio, often 1:10.

  3. Initiate the cleaning process by rinsing the targeted area with water to eliminate loose dirt.

  4. Apply the product from top to bottom, ensuring thorough coverage.

  5. Allow the product to dwell for approximately 30 seconds, then gently agitate it using a wheel wooly, sponge, or nylex handle brush.

  6. Rinse the treated area with water to remove both the product and loosened dirt.

  7. Dry the vehicle and adhere to any post-cleaning maintenance procedures as required.

Renegade's Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener - The ultimate solution for rejuvenating your wheels and aluminum surfaces, providing both cleanliness and shine.

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