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Renegade Metal Polishing Compound Bars

Renegade Metal Polishing Compound Bars

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Metal Polishing Compound for Buffing Wheels

Renegade Products is the premier manufacturer in the USA for AMERICAN made polishing compounds that are robust in quality raw materials. Renegade does not use cheap fillers in their polishing compounds like other manufacturers that prioritize profit over bar quality. For the absolute best in metal polishing choose Renegade, choose Rooster's!

T-88 Brown - Fast Cut Tripoli - Step 1 for Cutting compound for Aluminum & Soft Metals 

G-16 Green - Green Rouge - Step 2 for Aluminum & Soft Metals

Black - Black Magic - Step 1 for cutting compound for Stainless Steel & Hard Metals

Yellow - Yellow Deluxe - Step for stainless steel & hard metals

Purple - Competition Purple - Final Step for both soft & hard metals. Show Finish & Fine polish shine


What are the steps for polishing aluminum?

Tripoli compounds such as our T-88 Tripoli (Brown) should be used for initial cutting and buffing, with the aim of removing more apparent scratches and blemishes during metal restoration on aluminum. It is the first step on on polishing aluminum and is paired with our orange airway buffing wheels. It is not used on stainless for polishing

Our G-16 Green rouge is often used as the second step in polishing aluminum. It is paired with our yellow airway buffing wheel. This should produce a fantastic clean shine.


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