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Renegade Spray Wax

Renegade Spray Wax

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Experience the brilliance of Renegade Spray Wax, meticulously crafted from a refined blend of Carnauba. This exceptional formula embodies the essence of an instant detailer, tailored to elevate the radiance of your semi truck, pickup truck, or prized show car.

Our spray wax, anchored in a water-based composition, unveils a transformative shine without leaving any residual film. Its remarkable attributes extend further, working as a shield against the menace of water spots, road debris, and stubborn grime that often mar your vehicle's appearance.

Beyond the surface, Renegade Spray Wax takes on the role of a guardian, repelling the harmful grasp of UV light. This defense is vital in safeguarding your vinyl decals, wraps, and body panels from untimely color fading, unsightly staining, and other detriments stemming from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

How to use Renegade Spray Wax:

Step 1
Spray the product sparingly onto the surface of your vehicle and into a soft microfiber towel to ensure proper lubrication.

Step 2
Gently wipe the surface with a microfiber towel to remove light dust, dirt, and residue.

Step 3
There is no need to wipe the product off—the protectants will dry and help to seal the surface.

Pro Tips:

  • Renegade Spray Wax is safe to use on your headlights and vinyl accessories.
  • Apply Renegade Spray Wax to your windshield to help repel rainwater.


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