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Wizard Wipe Down Matte Detailer

Wizard Wipe Down Matte Detailer

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WIZARDS PRODUCTS Wipe Down™, the ultimate matte paint detailer designed specifically for all paint systems. This exceptional product quickly and safely cleans various matte finishes, including suede, denim, satin primer, powder coat, and flat clears.

WIZARDS PRODUCTS Wipe Down™ is formulated to preserve the unique matte look of your surfaces, adding no gloss or protection. With its wax-free, solvent-free, and silicone-free composition, you can trust this detailer to effectively remove dust, fingerprints, road grime, and oily residue without compromising the integrity of your matte finish.

Not only does WIZARDS PRODUCTS Wipe Down™ remove unwanted contaminants, but it also addresses streaks and smears caused by excessive use of waxes, glazes, and similar products. This detailer acts as a solution to restore clarity to your matte surfaces.

Additionally, WIZARDS PRODUCTS Wipe Down™ is ideal for eliminating oily residue left behind after buffing, ensuring a pristine finish. Its 22 oz size provides ample supply for all your cleaning needs.

Experience the power of WIZARDS PRODUCTS Wipe Down™ and witness the remarkable difference it can make in maintaining the flawless appearance of your matte surfaces. Trust in this exceptional detailer to effectively clean and enhance your paint systems without compromising the unique matte aesthetic.

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